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Finally brought myself to start working on a website that I can be casual about my works in progress, and all the other doodles I make for no apparent reason.

Bloody hell...

2009-06-21 23:54:16 by arcanefury

Well, a series of wonderful events has yet again managed to contort themselves against me, in my spare time I scrawled this on a piece of paper, and I've felt like sharing it.
That vile laceration has once again began to burn,
the pulse of anguish begun anew,
for salvation that I yearn,
my soul continues to collude;
my will is defiant to subdue,
to my morals I shall turn,
the visage of hatred you will learn,
for the detestation I will do.
On a bit of a lighter note, I received an invitation to be part of a Newgrounds art gallery, so that has made me quite happy in a light way.


2009-06-19 00:20:41 by arcanefury

Well, I've run into problems with the proportions on my Renamon photoshop project, and haven't had the will to work on it for a few weeks to a month or two... Just recently I got addicted to the webcomic Twokinds, and read the entire archive of that comic twice in four hours. Great comic, I'd recommend it.


Current photoshop project

2009-05-22 17:48:34 by arcanefury

I've been playing around with the idea of making a Renamon picture, and I finally brought myself to it a couple days ago, It's been turning out nicely, perhaps later I'll start spreading it around, but for now I think it needs lots of work